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New Single! Nachman Baumol – Ein Etzev

September 26, 2016


GAD ELBAZ ft NISSIM “L’chaim” Promo

September 26, 2016

A trip to an antique store catapults Israeli singing sensation Gad Elbaz back through the generations to a 19th century Ukrainian shtetl, a simpler time and place where, despite the lack of modern conveniences, happiness was all around for the taking. L’chaim, a Sparks Next production by filmmaker Daniel Finkelman, is a joyous expression in [&hellip
Inspiring Voice Reviews Dovid Dachs – Shiras Hayam

September 26, 2016

            It’s a wonderful geshmak to hear young bachurim singing. They still have the innocence of a youth, but have already developed the enthusiasm of the “bucherishe yuren” (teenage years in Yeshiva). This album was produced with the support from his Rosh Yeshiva and Rebbeim all recordings were done Bein [&hellip