Chaim Green

Chaim Green - Buchar Buni (Single)


In honor of Kabalas HaTorah, and in time for Shavuos, comes a brand new song! Chaim Green is back, with an exciting single, composed special for Shavuos.

The hot new song, “Bucher Buni” was composed by Chaim a few years ago for Shavuos, and quickly became a family favorite. After several years, Chaim was convinced to record it and release it official to the world!

Now, just like Chaim’s family, you will be able to enjoy this catchy melody, celebrating Am Yisroel’s place, as the chosen nation for Hashem.

The track was recorded by Chein Studios, accompanied by the amazing Shir Veshevach boys Choir directed by Reb Chaim Meir Fligman.
Vocals were edited by MK Studios
Vocals were mixed by Gershy Schwarcz
Music was arranged and Mixed by IG Productions.


Downloadable Tracks

Buchar Buni