Chaya Reich

Cozy Rosy Learns to Clean Her Room


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Every mother, grandmother and child will love this book! Cozy Rosy is a fun lovable (or adorable) cozy character that finds herself living in a room that is totally a mess. When she no longer has anymore clothes to wear except for a bow for her hair, she quickly learns through natural consequences that she needs some practical help! So she calls for her mother who is unlike any other to help teach her a routine that will keep her room so perfectly clean.

This book will keep ages 5-99 totally captivated and entertained as they learn fabulous new tools to organize their rooms while having fun. This book includes a fabulous scavenger hunt and has an audio/Musial version available at, and the itunes store. Sing the clean up song as you laugh your way through organizing your homes.

Once Cozy Rosy enters your home, life will never be the same! Please lookout for our upcoming titles: Cozy Rosy Learns to be Herself and Cozy Rosy Faces her Fears.