Rochie Kutoff

The Amazing Aleph-Beis Experience - Book and Read-Along CD

Welcome to The Amazing Aleph-Beis Experience, a new and exciting concept in the world ofkriah! Drawing on her years of experience as a reading specialist, Rochie Kutoff has written a book that will transform the way English-speaking children learn the aleph-beis.

Join Morah Orah and her class as they travel through a maze of exciting rooms, with each letter of thealeph-beis situated in a different one. There's lots of fun and adventure waiting to be discovered in each room, and, as you'll see, whatever's going on in each room starts with the same sound as the letter that's there! The full-color pictures with endearing, animated letters will pull the children in, truly making thealeph-beis come alive as the reader learns the hints and sounds for each letter in a wonderfully interactive and child-friendly way.

So hop aboard Reading Rail Ride and get set for a one-of-a-kindaleph-beis experience!