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Guest Review by Yochanan Bleich: Shmueli Ungar’s Shmueli-2

August 28, 2016

Shmueli Ungar – The Beautiful Voice of Chassidic Music. Yochanan Bleich – Musician (Israel) If you think there is nothing like the good old Jewish music anymore. If you think that today it’s hard to find music with an authentic Jewish feel, you should purchase Shmueli Ungar’s brand new album ‘Shmueli-2’! Shmueli Ungar has entertained [&hellip
Sam Glaser • Uv’nei Yerushalayim • Jewish Music Israel

August 24, 2016

Sam’s grand finale song from the Kol Bamidbar/A Voice in the Desert musical, shot in Jerusalem during his Spring concert tour. All scenes were unrehearsed and spontaneous while wandering through the Old City on a beautiful day. Bring Sam Glaser to your community for a “joyful, up-on-your-feet feel good experience of the highest quality.” [&hellip
Tefilin-Shema Yisroel A new Single!

August 24, 2016

A new and special composition was composed in honor of anupcoming Bar Mitzvah in New York. Lyrics and melody written by Rav Shlomo Meir Hoffman Shlit”a, the production was done in Israel by Yehudah Galili, and the song is sung by Ari Hill, Shalom Zilber, and the child Tuvia Greenstein who all perform together. “The [&hellip