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Freidy Dvir

A Lighter Burden

Freidy. A regular woman (or maybe not) who takes up more than double the regular amount of space. Her excess weight sends her on a years-long search for svelte serenity, described in this book with pain, honesty, tears and humor. You are invited to shoulder some of the burden for a little while.

This story was first published as a serial in the Hebrew Mishpacha magazine’s B’toch HaMishpacha. The stormy reactions it garnered were the final impetus behind her decision to turn those weekly columns into a book.

Her search for a solution to her weight problem led her down many roads, until she found the one that worked for her - bariatric surgery. In the end, she discovered it was "worth the weight, as she finally found what it was she’d been looking for all those years.

This is not just a book about weight loss it’s a book about life.

By: Freidy Dvir