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Z.C. Berry

A Recipe for Disaster


What happens when you mix 2 shviggers on a mission, a bumbling contractor, a cash-strapped husband, and a harried housewife who's harboring a 13-year secret?

It's a recipe for disaster!

In this outrageously hilarious novel, fiction writer Z. C. Berry offers a refreshing mix of humor and wit that redefines the art of homemaking and money management. Starring an organizationally-challenged, kitchen-phobic mom and her well-meaning but hassled husband as they attempt to make their first simcha. Whether it's Dudu the contractor who was supposed to "finish the job" in the last decade, or interesting "business" dealings with the Mafia Loan Gemach, Tzippy, Izzy and co. have their hands full maintaining sanity as each disaster strikes.

An extraordinarily entertaining story with a comical cast of characters who take catastrophe to a whole new level.

"Hilarious! Just what the Jewish book market needs!"
Mordechai Schmutter, Hamodia Humor Columnist