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Avrohom Barash - A Mazeldig Voch

by: Avrohom Barash

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One of the most enchanting books of its genre, Avrohom Barash’s Gut Voch delighted thousands of readers upon its publication in 1998. It contained tales that were recorded by the author each week after the family Melaveh Malkah, a time reserved in Chassidic custom for the sharing of meaningful anecdotes about the deeds of great Rebbes and other noble spiritual leaders.

This second volume of inspirational stories, A Mazeldig Voch, continues to impart a sense of the special holiness with which the spiritual giants of past generations lived their lives.  Each anecdote is brief, yet each captures the color of an era. Rooted in the sanctified lives of tzaddikim, the stories in A Mazeldig Voch stir the soul and move the heart.

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