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Avrohom Katz - Our Wondrous World

by: Avrohom Katz

Hard Cover for $22.49 USD

Hard Copy

There is more to the world than we see. If all we see is the surface, we fail to be amazed a thousand times a day. We are so accustomed to “reality” that we fail to peel away what “is” and look for the “why.” Rabbi Avrohom Katz, familiar to most as Tuvia Cohen, is a scientist and an excellent writer who knows how to present wisdom in a humorous way. He begins each chapter with a look at a familiar phenomenon or a quirk of human nature and presents it with classic, dry British wit. Then he takes us beneath the surface and shows us the wisdom of the Creator. This volume is an unusually informative reading experience and an eye-opening lesson in faith.

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