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Cohen, Dr. Yehoshua

Bartinura Mishna: Baba Metziah, Vol. 1

The Bartinura Mishnah series is unique in many ways. Its features include:
  • A complete English translation of the Mishnah and the commentary of Rav Ovadiah MiBartinura ("the Rav").
  • Numerous explanatory notes and diagrams, so that every statement of the Mishnah and commentary is completely, yet clearly, explained.
  • Summaries of all the halachos (regulations) mentioned in the Mishnah according to the prevailing practice.
  • Introduction to the Mishnah and commentary of the Rav.
  • Easy-to-follow format, with all translations and notes arranged together with the corresponding Hebrew text.

Translated by: Rabbi Yehoshua Cohen
Softcover | 6" x 9"