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Sara Wiederblank

Between the Tides

Fraidy Morris is the perfect catch. Someone toenvy—or is she? 

Her mother-in-law is a better mother to her kidsthan she is. Who wants plain old mommy whenyou can have Super Savta? 

Ruthie is feeling the pangs of empty nest. Herbaby isn’t a baby anymore. Then she reuniteswith her old friend Chaviva, whose nest was neverfilled. 

The bumps start early for newlyweds Hila andYaakov. Is their marriage over before it’s barelystarted? 

What is Michal to think when her friend Gilaspent so much money on an over-the-top lavishvort, money that should have gone to payingback the rather large loan Gila took from Michaland her husband? 

Life is full of ups and downs. When the tiderises, we feel like we’re drowning in a tsunami.When the tide is down, everything that lookedperfect on the surface is revealed, and nothing isthe way we wanted it. But then sometimes we findourselves Between the Tides. And it’s in those raremoments that we can take a deep breath and prepareourselves for the next wave. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than fiction thatcaptures the ebbs and flows of life perfectly.There’s nothing more satisfying than Sara Wiederblankfiction. 

With this riveting collection, including all new,never-before-published stories, Sara never disappoints.