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Blackman Mishnayoth: Nezikin

A wonderful addition to any Jewish library!

Seder Nezikin, Volume 4 of the popular and out-of-print Blackman Mishnayoth set, is available currently as a single volume. Quanties are limited!

The fruit of twenty-seven years of intensive labor by Rabbi Phillip Blackman, an outstanding scholar of Judaica, The Blackman Mishnayoth series makes the study of Jewish Oral Law accessible to the uninitiated, while enhancing study for the learned. Rabbi Blackman's acclaimed English translation, enlightening introductions, supplements and notes make this series indispensable.

Volume 4, Seder Nezikin, includes the Hebrew text of the Mishnah, plus an English translation and explanatory notes. It deals mainly with civil and criminal law, as well as moral and social matters, and also contains a wealth of historical information.

Translated and annotated by Rabbi Philip Blackman
Hardcover | 5.5" x 8.5" | 618 pages