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Rabbi Yosef B. Rawicki / Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

Bright Beginnings Workbook

The Bright Beginnings Workbooks, developed over a sixteen-year period in Yeshiva Darchei Noam of Monsey, NY, are powerful tools that will help you learn how to translate any pasuk in Chumashon your own. The workbooks are designed for classroom use at the grade level when children are first introduced to Chumash, though they can also be utilized at home, should parents wish to enrich the Hebrew skills of their children, and even for adults who want to become more fluent in Chumashand Lashon Kodesh

 With its color-coded system for teaching how to decipher the root word (shoresh) and the various prefixes/suffixes, as well as how to translate each one of them; the carefully designed worksheets that support the synchronized manner in which each lesson is taught; the stimulating shoreshflashcards; and the fun “Shoresh-land” game (included in Volume 2), these workbooks provide a real skill-building program that will open up doors to learning Chumashand Lashon Kodesh.

By: Rabbi Yosef Rawicki / Rabbi Yakov Horowitz