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Etka Gitel Schwartz


Join a journey of millennia in this remarkable collection of short storiesfrom popular author Etka Gitel Schwartz. From the splitting of the RedSea to the hedgerows of Normandy, from ancient Jerusalem to theCatskills: here are the voices of children and adults, paratroopers, pilgrims,tollbooth operators and rabbi detectives, united all intriumphant, passionate celebration of the Jewish spirit. 

An impossible choice is offered in a tiny jail before dawn—and death.An injured U.S. Marine finds himself a stranger in his own life, achild robbed of name or identity inherits a family of millions, andjoyous multitudes throng the roads to ancient Jerusalem. Two mothersexchange babies and change history, Eisenhower’s Cow visits a boardmeeting, the CIA’s top balabuste comes out of retirement, and the Rotbergfamily unwittingly wreaks matchmaking havoc. From the oilfields ofGalveston and the battlefields of Chickamauga, the bonfires of Meron andthe frigid haystacks of the Hungarian border, emerge adventures bothtrue and fictional to entertain, ignite and inspire. 

Join the Caravanof Jewish experience. sojourn through travail, throughhope and discovery, and emerge exultant. drink deeply from the oasis ofthe soul and taste history, heritage and destiny, today and tomorrow anda thousand generations glittering across the sky.