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Batya Ruddell

Changing Faces

When Alisa Klein marries Reuven Frank and moves to Bnei Brak, the two begin to embark on a new life together. Even the urgent pre-wedding concerns of Reuven’s mother do not mar his happiness and enthusiasm.

In just a short time, though, Reuven begins to realize that there are cracks beneath the surface of Alisa’s porcelain façade. Her parents have long lived under the cover of outward appearances, belying the dysfunction that permeates their home. As the fallout from this lands in his own home, Reuven finds himself caught in a web of lies, confusion and a complex family drama that leads him to doubt himself and the girl he has married.

Who is the real Alisa and why is it so hard for her to tell the truth?

While trying to extract facts from fantasy, Reuven is forced to face reality and question whether the bright future he so eagerly anticipated is attainable after all, or just a wistful dream. by Batya Ruddell