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Rochel Levy

Chanie Goes to the Dentist

Bubby nodded and said, “Chanie, dear,
I know this may not be pleasant to hear, 
But I think that a cavity is causing you pain. 
You’ll have to see your dentist, Dr. Shain.” 
A cavity?! Horrible images passed through my head; 
My heart and mind were filled with dread. 
Would it hurt to have it fixed? What would I do? 
And what if the dentist found not one cavity–but two?! 

Fear of the dentist—and particularly of having a cavity filled—isquite common among many people, especially young children.The very idea of a cavity filling may cause children to think ofall the scary “what-if” scenarios that could occur in such asituation. Of course this only serves to increase theirfear exponentially.In Chanie Goes to the Dentist, written by the authorof the popular Moshe Goes to Yeshiva, the “dentistfears” that children like Chanie may have are quickly,calmly, and effectively laid to rest as the exact procedureof what occurs at Chanie’s cavity-filling appointment is recountedand explored in a straightforward, child-friendly, and yes, fun way.Your child will love the book’s rhymes and endearing illustrations,and before long will shed his or her “dentist fears,” along withChanie, too!

By: Rochel Levy