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Burstyn, Rochel

Choices - An assortment of delicious stories


An assortment of delicious stories about life's challenges

Every single day of our lives we are confronted with choices.

Big ones, little ones and medium-sized ones.

Many times we don't even realize we're making them.

Other times we need help making the right ones.

This collection of short stories by popular author Rochel Burstyn is all about making choices.

Enjoy the drama and humor of her classic tales, while gaining insight into the way her characters deal with their life choices.

Laugh with joy, cry in sympathy, wait in suspense and shout in triumph as you find out:

  • What Dassy did about the rumors that she is a thief.
  • Who returned peace to the city of Pineville.
  • What impressed Manya, the cleaning lady.
  • What made Miriam the real champion of her class.
  • What went wrong with Riva's chesed project.
  • What Gila did after her friend's sister passed away.

Author: Rochel Burstyn
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 232 pages | ISBNåÊ9789657599068