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Rena Kohn

Close to Home

When the Suskins move from their small, out-of-town community to burgeoning Lakewood, New Jersey, life promises to be ideal. Dubby can’t wait to have her son and daughter-in-law nearby, her children in large, established schools, her husband Zalman working the perfect new job, and lots of time for neighbors, friends, and chessed opportunities. What could be better? 

As it turns out, a lot. 

What happens when her daughter-in-law is less than thrilled to have Dubby in the neighborhood? And when that daughter-in-law is hit with a crisis that threatens the perfect image she has carefully built? 

How can Zalman deal with his trying business partner…when that partner is actually Dubby’s brother? 

Shmully seems to be so comfortable in his new school, but is everything as smooth as it appears? 
And will his sister Yocheved ever accept Lakewood as her new home? 

When challenges strike a bit too close to home, the Suskins find that settling in is no simple matter. Faced with tough choices, they are forced to do some serious introspection and decide how to handle what life has laid out for them…

By: Rena Kohn