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Commentators' Pesach Seder Haggadah


Following the popularity of the author's previous popular three Haggadahcommentaries, this edition takes the best of the other three commentaries, plus includes new insights, stories and parables from great Torah luminaries. It presents a wealth of ethical, moral and halachic insights, storiesandparables from Torah Sages to share with one's children and family onPassover, as well as with one's students in the classroom. It explores thequestion of why the haggadah is structured the way it is. With new material from ancientand modern sources, a picture emerges of the meaning and purpose of the manymiracles which took place so many years ago in the land of Egypt and how thebirth of the Jewish people came about.Additionally, it provides a deeper insight into the halacha of the Haggadah. Why are the laws so important and how do they help us better understand what Pesach is all about? Join Rav Sender at the Seder table for an illuminating and fascinating journey through the haggadah.