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Ruth Arieli Rapaport

Dancing in the Rain

Irit, a baalas teshuvah, marries Aryeh, a widowed talmid chacham, and must live in the shadow of his first wife, Gita, and raise her five orphaned children. The oldest, Dina, refuses to accept her presence in their lives.

Chani, unable to care for her precious daughter, Bracha, at the time of her birth, allowed her to be taken away by her mother-in-law. Time has healed Chani’s wounds and, years later, she wants her daughter back.

Menucha mourns the loss of her daughter, while Faigy struggles to adjust to new motherhood.

Dancing in the Rain is the story of mothers and daughters, separated from each other by circumstance and heartache, drawn together by strands of love. Their stories are complex, an intricate maze of stormy emotion.Dancing in the Rain will move you to tears.