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Dani Springer

Dani Springer - On a Dreaming Star (Single)

Artist name: Dani Springer
Album/song name: On a Dreaming Star
Artwork: please see att.
Audio: please see att.
Album Bio:  Feelings of routine-based life can get to you, but with a little hope, and a little dreaming, you can succeed. With a little more music, you can be a star.
Artist Bio:  Dani is a self-taught musician.
His first performance was at a wedding, with:
-Less than 24 hour notice.
-A few music lessons under his belt.
-A young age of 16.
Today - 5 years later - Dani performs in New York State and other surrounding cities.

Recently, Dani developed a love for web design and programming, and is currently studying its ins and outs.

Other passions:
-Languages (English, Italian, Yiddish, Hebrew, some French and Spanish, and basic Sign language).
-Origami. A lovely Japanese art. Fold a paper. Now again.
-Math. Yes, it goes together with music (if you ask him, at least).
-Chess. The Oldie but Goodie.
-Playing two musical instruments. Simultaneously.

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