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Riva Pomerantz

Diamond Dust


Yalli Shapiro hungers for something more than her parents’ frugal kollel lifestyle, and no one is quite sure why. As she enters shidduchim, Yalli is bent on propelling herself toward a diamond-studded future that she’s sure will free her of the tentacles of the past. Yet shadows lurk beneath Yalli’s elegant and sophisticated exterior, reaching out their sharp claws to grab her at every turn. Can she defeat her childhood demons before they overwhelm her?Tzvi Kirsch’s past is also painful. It haunts him as he resists the best names the shadchanim can offer. The only girl he’s remotely interested in is the one his mother—and sister—have firmly vetoed. But is he truly equipped to deal with her complex and harrowing challenges?Riva Pomerantz’s Diamond Dust is a powerful, captivating tale of courage and dreams, tears and hope. As you turn its pages, you too will find the strength to confront your deepest fears and conquer the threatening shadows. Are Yalli’s diamonds real, or will they turn out to be nothing more than a sprinkle of diamond dust?The riveting serial that kept readers enthralled in Mishpacha magazine, now appearing with a never-before-seen ending and pages of new material!