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by: Rabbi Simcha Feuerman

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People today feel conflicted, concerned and confused. Even as we cling to the anchoring morals and structure of our tradition, strong currents tug at all of us, parents and children, individuals and families. How can we maintain and impart religious morals and observance while accommodating children's emotional needs? And then there's the pressure to measure up to the standards of the people around us, Jewish or secular. This book is written to serve as a guide to help sincere and devoted religious people resolve psychological and social conflicts within the parameters of their religious values. We address the areas of intersection between religion, values, and feelings, and share our discoveries that come from our personal and professional experience as Orthodox Jews and psychotherapists. We will discuss typical relationship issues, parenting problems, and personal conflicts that we have seen repeatedly in our therapy sessions and in correspondence with many of our readers.
BY: Rabbi Simcha Feuerman

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