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Naomi Zwebner

Double Check

All Libby Simons wants is a chance for a new start. Will she ever get that chance?Libby, a ninth grader at Beit Tzofia’s boarding school, has lived almost her whole life with her overprotective and eccentric aunt. Now that she is away from Doda Batya and her old life on the moshav, she begins to nurture the hope that perhaps she, too, can make friends and enjoy life just like a regular teenager.But things don’t go quite as she’d hoped. A nasty fall sends Doda Batya to the hospital and then a rehab center for a long time, where Libby must constantly visit and encourage her. Just at this time, Shainy Burla, the girl whom Libby admires to no end, reaches out to befriend her—but Libby is sure there is a catch, and thus continually rebuffs Shainy’s friendly overtures.It takes lots of ups and downs, a disturbing mystery regarding disappearing books, an exciting major production, and then a very frightening experience, until Libby finally learns the truth about Shainy Burla—and the fact that certain things do not need to be “double checked”. A heartwarming and suspenseful story of discovery, friendship, and growing up, Double Check is one book you’ll find yourself reading again and again.
By: Naomi Zwebner