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Dr. Meir Wikler

Dr. Meir Wikler - Partners With Hashem


Are you a parent, who is over-stressed, under-appreciated, overwhelmed? Aren’t we all sometimes? For over 25 years, Dr. Wikler, one of the Orthodox community’s leading therapists and family counselors, has been helping and guiding parents, children and educators. With an eye not only on what is right, but also on what is “doable,” Wikler deals with subjects such as instilling self-esteem in children, managing sibling rivalry, the right approaches to discipline, coping with homework and preparing children for marriage. The author’s down-to-earth, professional advice is filtered through traditional Torah sources, the guidance of Torah authorities and is laced with real case histories. Raising children and keeping a family on an even keel are always exciting – Partners with Hashem will make them more successful.