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Ariella Schiller

Dreams Delayed


A Novel


She was the kallah who had it all; the luckiest girl in the world. Until...
Standing on the cusp of a sparkling, brand new life together with her catch of a chassan, Ayala Berman feels she can't be any happier. Then, what was going to be a beautiful and uplifting trip to Kever Rochel goes terribly awry--and the kallah who had it all suddenly finds herself very much alone, thrown violently into a stormy sea of grief, pain, and confusion.
Gavi Kramer, too, finds himself floundering in a tempest of pain, rage, and inner turmoil. Then a lifeline is extended to him...via his deceased brother. Will it be enough to extricate Gavi from the deep hole he's created for himself?
Can a heart that's been shattered beyond recognition ever be able to heal?
Can a world that's become darker than the blackest of ashes ever glimpse the sun's rays again?
Can dreams that were delayed still be able to come true?

By Ariella Schiller


  • SKU: L762
  • Author: Ariella Schiller
  • Dimensions: 6"x 9"
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1-60091-402-7
  • Length: 264
  • Media: Book
  • Publisher: Israel Bookshop Publications