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Encyclopedia of the Taryag Mitzvoth: Vol. 1 (Hebrew)

by: Rabbi Dovid Wax

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The stunning Torah breakthrough that began with the "Encyclopedia of the Taryag Mitzvoth", as well as the Mitzvah Cards, has now ascended another rung on the ladder of Torah scholarship. The new "Sefer Taryag Mitzvos Hashalem" is the most all-encompassing Hebrew sefer on the Taryag Mitzvos, the foundation of Torah study.Bnei Torah all over the world can benefit from this priceless resource. Rabbanim, roshei yeshivah, mechanchim and mechanchos will find a treasure house of information and inspiration in this brand-new masterpiece.Volume 1 (Mitzvoth 1-24)
By: Rabbi Dovid Wax

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