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Rachel Schorr



Ten quiet, wonderful years of growth in Torah and mitzvos have passed for former Mossad agent Ariel Hoffman. Then suddenly, secret files are reopened, accusations pile up, names are tossed around like knives… and Ariel discovers he is being hunted by unseen foes.


At first, Ariel is only being blamed by the Israeli government. But soon everyone begins to believe the accusations — from his closest friends to his parents and sister, and finally his wife and son.


And now, Ariel begins to doubt himself: Could he have done the unthinkable — betray his family and country?


Fast-paced, international pursuit.

Heartbreak, betrayal, and redemption.


EYEWITNESS takes its place alongside Rachel Schorr’s other bestselling books, including:

Zero Hour, Zero Limits, The Search, Stolen Dreams, and After the Darkness.