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Pnina Paksher

Fear of Falling

A young babysitter is distracted for no more than a moment, and the consequences are life-altering.

Rivka Berg suffers every mother’s worst nightmare. Will she ever accept her son Dovi for who he has become?

Tzivi Berg, her daughter-in-law and an elementary school teacher, is beset with two challenges: an inexperienced sister-in-law for whom she feels responsible and an old nemesis determined to outshine her.

Zehava Berg, high school student and Rivka’s granddaughter, has, to everyone’s dismay, gotten tangled up in a dangerous friendship with a rebellious girl. Will she find her way back?

And finally, there is Tanta Fraidel, whose sharp tongue is rarely silent when it comes to expressing her opinions, but will her strong words bring healing or fan the flames?

Each one of these fascinating characters struggles to resolve challenges from the past. Follow their journeys as they navigate the intriguing maze that leads them to places they never thought they would reach.

By: Pnina Paksher