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Devora Weiner

From the Shadchan's Wife


The World of Shidduchim-whether you are about to enter, are already involved or are guiding your child or friend, this book is a must-read. Written in friendly, conversational tone and peppered with true examples, this book will:-Assist you in deciding what to look for-Help you find him or her-Guide you on how to meet and treat a shadchan-Tell you what the other side is expecting of you on dates-Show you how to recognize when it's time to get engaged......and more-such as when and where to compromise, how to know how much to pay your shadchan, and how to use Dor Yesharim genetic testing.This book also includes relevant tefillos.Devora Weiner, the author, lives in Yerushalayim with her husband and children, and has been teaching in seminaries there. She is married to Meir Weiner, a well-known shadchan who learns in the Mir Yeshiva and with whom she has shared the experiences that are the basis of this book.