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Riva Pomerantz

Green Fences


"I'll tell you something, Batya. Everyone's jealous. Just when you think people would be happy at your success, instead they get jealous and sour about it." Ruth frowned.
Batya stifled an inner laugh. Does she even realize that I'm the number-one member of the Jealousy Club? And then, unexpectedly, another emotion bubbled up: anger.

Batya Sternheim has much to be grateful for - a devoted husband, healthy kids, a Torah home.

But she also has a best friend, Ruth.

Ruth is popular and elegant, married to a real estate baron. Next to Ruth's glamorous world, Batya's life loses its luster. Her discontent seeps into her home, and her marriage spirals dangerously downward. Her husband Ari is willing to take drastic measures to save his family, but that alone won't be enough.

Things can't stay the same - but how will they change?

Green Fences is the story of a complicated friendship, of two women caught in a murky tangle of dependence and longing. It is the saga of a strained marriage, of conflicting loyalties, of a couple struggling to define themselves - and understand each other.

Originally serialized in Mishpacha, Green Fences kept thousands of readers spellbound. Now, enjoy this riveting novel in its entirety - plus a whole new exciting story addition: Ruth's private diary, an exclusive glimpse into her inner world.

Open up Green Fences and find out what's on the other side of the fence...

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