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Ruth Arieli Rapaport

Guilty as Charged

In the heat of war, a decision is made, and a man pays a price – his life. Benny dies saving his friend Yoel, leaving his friend saddled with a guilty conscience. 

Desperate to make amends, Yoel becomes a lawyer and dedicates his life to defending the innocent, even as he longs for an opportunity to fully repay his debt. When he finally gets it, his life is turned upside-down – forever. 

Mira, Yoel’s sister, faces an equally excruciating dilemma. Forced to choose between betraying a friend and breaking up her family, she encounters the true strength of her convictions. 

Michal, Mira’s niece, struggles and overcomes anorexia, yet discovers that its shadow continues to haunt her. Will her past succeed in destroying her future? 

Guilty as Charged is the story of courageous souls who battle to overcome a crushing verdict. 

In the courtrooms of their lives, who will emerge victorious?

By: Ruth Arieli Rapaport