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Rabbi Isidore Epstein

H/E Tractate Avodah Zarah / Horayoth


The Soncino Press Babylonian Talmud is the only complete English translation of the Talmud. Its easy-to-use format--with the original Vilna Talmud page opposite its English translation--and its many explanatory notes, have proven a valuable resource for the study of Talmud for more than 50 years. This volume, part of the thirty-volume Hebrew/English set of the Soncino Press Babylonian Talmud, contains the complete tractates of Abodah Zarah, Horayoth, Eduyyoth and Aboth, which respectively deal with the laws of idolatry, the laws relating to erroneous court decisions, the recording of conclusive Rabbinic teachings, and general Jewish ethics and wisdom.