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Yechiel Galas


In the present volume, Rabbi Galas (an admirable example of the Jewish scholar of old, who amidst his occupation, as an ophthalmic optician, was engrossed in study and learning) deals with problems pertaining to day-to-day Jewish obligations in the home, the synagogue and in business. He always refers to the sources which include Talmud, Codes and Responsa. Yet, Rabbi Galas is not overcome by his wide-ranging scholarship. He combines clarity of statement with economy of quotation. 

 Written in a simple and direct style, which often resembles Oral Rabbinic Discourse, the book will be specially welcomed by those who seek information and guidance on religious observance, but whose educational background and knowledge of Hebrew are such as to preclude them from studying the sources in the original. 

 By: Yechiel Galas