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Genendel Krohn

Honorable Mentschen


It’s the child-friendly book that parents
and teachers have been waiting for!

Renowned author and veteran teacher Genendel Krohn has created a comic-style book filled with real-life scenarios that illustrate proper and improper behavior. Used on their own or as a springboard for role-playing, these concise episodes are a potent tool for developing a much-needed culture of sensitivity in children.

Backed up with ma’amarei Chaza (statements of the sages) and stories from our gedolim, this groundbreaking work teaches our children the skills they need for life.
Some of the topics discussed are:
how to behave at a Kiddush
proper phone etiquette
the way to speak to parents & teachers
caring for other people’s property
sharing someone’s pain and joy
how to be a good host and guest
practical tips on how to react when another child is being bullied
“Living in a world where politeness and consideration are becoming increasingly rare makes it harder for us to develop in our children character traits that are refined and al pi Torah. Mrs. Krohn’s Honorable Mentschen is a most effective tool in correcting this and in providing teachers and parents alike with an approach that is lucid, enjoyable and informative. I excitedly recommend its use within school ‘Middos and Derech Eretz’ Programs as well as for more casual reading.”
— Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein, Director of Publications, Torah Umesorah (alias, “Dr. Middos,” of the Marvelous Middos Machine)