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Esther Toker


For seven decades, Mother Russia spilled the blood of her citizens in order to fuel the ongoing revolution and crush all dissent. From Red Square to the Siberian steppes, the dreaded commissars imposed their iron rule, determined to create a new world order.

Into this grim reality steps Karina, a fifteen-year-old girl on a mission to break through the Iron Curtain. Just who is Karina, and what secrets is she hiding?

Anya Krasnikov is a young Jewish wife and mother living in the Soviet capital – but she is also a senior officer in the KGB. When she is ordered to devise a scheme to uncover Jewish study groups, she obeys, only to find herself confronted with a shocking truth.

Desperate to reunite his family, Lev Krasnikov accepts the help of Anatoly Andrayev, a KGB operative who claims to be on his side – but can he really be trusted? Will Lev’s plan succeed, and will his family ever reach freedom in America?

Hostage- the latest thriller by the author of Common Denominator.

By: Esther Toker