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Shafran, Rabbi Avi

It's All in the Angle


The average twenty-first centuryåÊindividual is facingåÊchallenges his great-grandparentsåÊnever dreamed of. On oneåÊhand, the opportunities availableåÊto mankind are unparalleled in theåÊhistory of the world. On the otheråÊhand, making the right choices hasåÊnever been so difficult.

To whom can we turn to help usåÊnavigate this increasingly complexåÊworld? Are we at the whim andåÊmercy of Ms. Journalist's personalåÊopinions, or Mr. Random Blogger'såÊphilosophies?

Like a breath of fresh air,åÊRabbi Avi Shafran, prominentåÊJewish communal figure and prolific author, presents his articulate,åÊlogical, Torah-based perspectivesåÊon issues such as tradition, morality,åÊscience and anti-Semitism.

His winning combination ofåÊdistinguished eloquence and decisiveåÊrationality coupled with hisåÊclear and unwavering grounding inåÊTorah provides us with a fascinatingåÊread, written in classic, engagingåÊShafran style.

Contrasted with the oftenåÊskewed and unfocused perceptionsåÊprevalent in our contemporary society,åÊthis inside glimpse into theåÊlittle-understood world of the faithfulåÊTorah-observant Jew teaches usåÊhow to view life and its challengesåÊthrough the sharp lens of a TorahåÊperspective. As Rabbi Shafran explains,åÊIt's All in the Angle.

"For many years, Rabbi Avi Shafran has been presenting a perspectiveåÊon current issues and basic Torah ideas in many forums, among themåÊas spokesman of Agudath Israel of America. He has done this throughåÊinsightful thinking expressed inbrilliant writing. It is gratifyingåÊthat he is now publishing his writings in a book which will greatly enhanceåÊcontemporary English Torah literature."åÊ
HaRav HaGaon Aharon Feldman, shlit"a,åÊRosh Yeshivas Ner Israel Rabbinical College, Baltimore, Maryland

"I always look forward to reading Avi Shafran's writings. TheyåÊare invariably on the mark: well thought out, well written,åÊprovocative --åÊwhat could be a better combination? FromåÊall angles, he is a cut above the rest."
-- Rabbi Emanuel Feldman,åÊRabbi Emeritus, Congregation Beth Jacob, Atlanta, Georgia, and former editor, Tradition: The Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought

"Rabbi Shafran's consistently insightful analysis of contemporary eventsåÊand challenging issuesinvariably reflects a profound appreciation foråÊTorah-true Judaismat the highest level. His superb language skillsåÊand considerable secular knowledge, together with proven bona fides as aåÊlegitimate Torah scholar, emerge gracefully in every writing."
-- Rabbi Meyer H. May,åÊExecutive Director, Simon Wiesenthal Center

"A lot of journalism is ephemeral -- here today and gone tomorrow -- butåÊRabbi Shafran's words endure. And that is because he writes about thingsåÊthat matter in a compellingand entertainingway. He provides a clearåÊwindow into how the Orthodox world sees a variety of issues, from scienceåÊto politics to contemporary culture, and he is not afraid to ask tough questions.åÊMost of all, Rabbi Shafran is a great storyteller who gently guides theåÊreader along. We are all the richer for his insights and guidance."
-- Professor Ari L. Goldman, Columbia University,åÊAuthor, Being Jewish and The Search for God at Harvard

About the Author:
A talmid ofåÊYeshivas NeråÊYisrael inåÊBaltimore and aåÊmusmach of RavåÊYaakov YitzchokåÊRuderman, ztz‰۝l, Rabbi Avi ShafranåÊserved as a JewishåÊeducator in California and RhodeåÊIsland for nearly twenty yearsåÊbefore joining Agudath Israel ofåÊAmerica in åÊat the urging of itsåÊlegendary president, Rabbi MosheåÊSherer, z"l. He currently serves asåÊthe organization's spokesperson andåÊmedia liaison.

Rabbi Shafran has writtenåÊwidely in the Jewish and generalåÊpress, and is the author of fouråÊbooks, including Migrant Soul: TheåÊStory of an American Ger (Targum/Feldheim), and with his father,åÊRabbi Simcha Shafran, Fire, Ice, Air:åÊA Polish Jew's Memoir of Yeshiva,åÊSiberia, America (Hashgacha Press).

He has also penned a weeklyåÊcolumn on hashkafah (JewishåÊtheology) and current eventsåÊfor more than a decade, first foråÊAgudath Israel, and more recentlyåÊfor Ami magazine.

Rabbi Shafran and his wifeåÊreside in Staten Island, New York.

Author: Rabbi Avi Shafran
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 312 pages | ISBN 9789657599037

Published by: Torah Temimah Publications

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