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Oirich, Alan

Jewish Hero Corps #1: The Amnesia Countdown


The Jewish Hero Corps is a refreshingly new comic book series that features the world's only Jewish superhero team. The Hero Corps consists of Magen David, Menorah Man, Dreidel Meidel, Shabbos Queen, Minyan Man, Matzah Woman and Kipa Kid.

Volume #1, The Amnesia Countdown, introduces all the characters and takes the reader on a worldwide race against time to stop the evil Fobots from launching their missile, which will wipe out Jewish memories around the world.

Written and created by Alan Oirich and illustrated by Ron Randall--whose dazzling artwork has graced the pages of DC and Marvel comics--this comic book will amaze and delight children of all ages, and teach them about their Jewish heritage in the process.

"eye-catching and crispåÊ...åÊlikely to appeal to comic book readers who might not otherwise be interested in Jewish books." --åÊJewish Book World

Written and created by Alan Oirich
Illustrated by Ron Randall
Softcover | 6.75" x 10.25" | 24 pages | 1-932443-06-1