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Edited by Doron and Sarah Tikvah Kornbluth

Jewish Women Speak about Jewish Matters

Dispel the myths and ignorance and come see what Judaism really thinks about Jewish women!

In this power-packed sequel to the bestselling Jewish Matters, twenty-four intelligent, educated, and articulate women, among them renowned lecturers and authors like Rebetzins Tzipora Heller, Holly Pavlov, Denah Weinberg, Feige Twersky, Tehilla Abramov, Lea Kohn, Dr. Lisa Aiken, Gila Manolson, Sarah Yocheved Rigler, grapple with the question of the woman's place in the Jewish world. They look at gender roles, modesty, femininity, spirituality, women in the workplace, and great Jewish women in history in an intelligent and frank way that will open your eyes to the beauty, equality, and opportunity within our Jewish heritage.