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Devorah Rand

Journey to the End of the Earth



Since 1290, no Jew has been permitted residence in England. Now, almost four hundred years later, when Rabbi Menashe ben Israel, one of the greatest Torah scholars of his generation, hears about the discovery of The Ten Lost Tribes in the Andes of South America, he seeks to have the English decree annulled. Reestablishing Jewish settlement in England would effectively fling open wide the gates to the "end of the earth", enabling the completion of the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy and usher in the final Redemption.

Amsterdam in the 17th century is a hotbed of intrigue, scarred by battle, divided by ideology, challenged by an influx of Jews fleeing persecution, seeking a safe haven in a world of turmoil. Here we find Rabbi Menashe, a tower of hope and faith, valiantly leading his flock; his former student, the notorious Baruch Spinoza; and Yosef, a refugee from the Chmielnicki massacres, who managed to reach Amsterdam and safety. With Yosef comes a terrible secret, one that he guards zealously until the time is ripe to reveal it.

The scenes change with graceful fluidity, transporting us to Spain at the height of the Inquisition, introducing us to intrepid Jews determined to grasp tightly onto the last remnants of their religion. And finally, we find ourselves in England, land of King and nobleman, princes and paupers, against a backdrop of Civil War where Oliver Cromwell addresses the age-old Jewish Question.

This is a journey along the tear-soaked path of the "Wandering Jew," a majestic tapestry woven with exceptional attention to detail, a dramatic work of historical fiction that will leave the reader captivated by the intricacy of Divine Providence and inspired by the glorious future that awaits our People.


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  • ISBN: 978-1-68025-023-7
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  • Binding: Hard Cover / 500 pages
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