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M.C. Millman

Junior Chaverim

“What if we wanted to join Chaverim?” Ari asked, looking up from the set of pens he was juggling at his desk.“Did I mention there’s a certain age a person has to be to join?” Reb Brody said.“Which is?” asked Chaim, the recognized class leader (by everyone but Yoni, who was always trying to take over and do things his way).“Don’t be ridiculous,” said Yoni, right on cue. “Chaverim is for adults.”“Says who?” Chaim challenged.“Says who?” Reb Brody heard himself respond as an electric thrill jolted him with the feeling that Chaim was actually onto something. Who said boys couldn’t join Chaverim? Sure, only adults were part of the organization so far, but not so long ago there hadn’t even been a Chaverim organization, and look what a need it had filled. Who said there wasn’t room for change, room for growth, room for a group of boys who would be working together b’achdus asa single cohesive unit?“Ari, you’re brilliant.”“I am?” Ari said, looking confused at having the adjective applied in such close proximity to his name.“You are,” said Reb Brody. “How would you boys like to be members of Junior Chaverim?”Come join the fun with Ari, Chaim, Yoni, and the rest of the classin their adventures as junior CHAVERIM.
By: M.C. Millman