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Yaakov Shwekey - Kolot

by: Yaakov Shwekey

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Release Date: January 7, 2014

January 2014
After dozens of hits and successful albums,international winter performances across the globe including; France, London, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, producer Yochi Briskman released this great album for world renowned singer Yaakov Shwekey.
Over the last decade, Shwekey and his hit albums have become an integral part of Jewish music (Rachem , V’hei Sheomda , Boee Kallah , Im Eshkocheich, etc.). Now Yaakov returns once again with an Israeli/Mizrahi style album which, according to Briskman, is his best album so far.
The top musicians and great minds from Israel and the United States took part in the new project that has “HIT” written all over it. Songs on this album include "Am Yisrael" composed by Yishai Lapidot a bouncing and unconventional hit which is sure to be played on many danced floors, “Samcheim” and “Eis Rekoid” composed by Yitzy Waldner and Yaakov Shwekey and “Zeh Hakatan” composed by Yitzy Waldner featuring lyrics by renown lyricist Miriam Israeli.
On his previous albums, Shwkey had many Chuppa songs (Meheraoh, Eishes Chayil, Boee Beshalom etc.) which have become the ultimate Chuppa songs in the Jewish world. Like those previous hits the new album features two more. “Tefillat Kallah” - lyrics from the birchat Kallah composed by Elie Schwab and “Kamu Boneho” composed by Yitzy Waldner and Shwekey together.
Three special duets are featured in this new album; one with Aaron Razel who is a trailblazer in alternative Jewish music. He composed the song “Asarah Bnei Adam” as well as joining Yaakov for a truly unique duet.
The rock band Metalish who were featured on Shwekey ‘s previous album with the hit song “Lo Yaavod Odom”, now return with the song “Osim Tshuva.”
Another highlight of the album: After the successful collaboration between Israeli soul artist Shlomi Shabbat and Shwekey at the historic concert at the Nokia Arena a year ago, the two superstars have joined forces once again for an amazing duet of the title song of the album “Kolot.”
Songs on this album: 
Am Yisrael (4:10) עם ישראל
Kolot (5:06) קולות
Smeichim (5:05) שמחים
Tefilat Kallah (5:16) תפילת כלה
Ach Sameach (3:26) אך שמח
Zeh Hakatan (4:43) זה הקטן
Osim Tshuvah (4:25) עושים תשובה
Kamu Baneha (5:51) קמו בניה
Et Rikod (4:13) עת רקוד
Assara Bnei Adam (4:07) עשרה בני אדם