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Walfish, Miriam

Liba's Letters


Book #2 for Liba Miller, the newest girl in the Jewish Girls Around the World series!

Liba is slowly adjusting to life in South Africa, but not everything goes smoothly. As she struggles to fit in at her new school, she receives a series of surprising letters from Bayla, her best friend back in Kelm. Will Liba be able to face the challenges that await her?

Meet Liba
Meet Liba Miller, a Jewish girlåÊfrom Kelm, Lithuania, whoåÊmoves to South Africa in the year 1910.åÊLibaåÊhas an active imagination andåÊloves to make up stories and games to entertain herself and heråÊthree younger brothers.åÊRead about her world and she willåÊentertain you, too!

About the series
In Jewish Girls Around the World, you'll meet many fascinating Jewish girls from our past. Read about them and experience their worlds. Times and places may change, but being a Jewish girl is always something to celebrate.

Author: Miriam Walfish
Hardcover | 5.5" x 8.5" | 176 pages | ISBN