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Rav Gershon Meltzer

Living Halacha - Vol. 1

Rav Gershon Meltzer is a renowned and revered posek in Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim, having studied there for about thirty years. He currently says approximately twenty shiurim a week, which encompass all areas of halacha and psak. This volume contains some of his shiurim on practical topics, and was prepared for print by a talmid R’ Eliezer Gutfreund.
  • Is one allowed to say the word “G-d?”
  • Is it permitted to talk in a bathroom?
  • Does one have to wash his hands after putting on tefillin?
  • What kavana should one have when davening or saying berachos?
  • Can one say elokai neshama after davening Shacharis?
  • May one give a baby bottle in the middle of the night without washing negel vasser?
  • May one play ball in shorts?
  • At what point does one transgress bal teshaktzu when holding himself in?
  • Is one obligated to avoid things which are kashe leshikcha?
  • Are men allowed to go horseback riding?
  • Should plaques be hung up in honor of donors?
  • Is it ever proper to get involved in controversy?
  • What are the ramifications of disgracing a talmid chacham?