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Rav Gershon Meltzer

Living Halacha - Vol. 2

Rav Gershon Meltzer is a renowned and revered posek in Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim, having studied there for about thirty years. He currently gives approximately twenty shiurim a week, which encompass all areas of halacha and psak. This volume contains some of his shiurim on the laws of tzitzis and other areas of halachah that are relevant in some way to the laws of tzitzis, and was prepared for print by a talmid R’ Eliezer Gutfreund.
  • May a synthetic garment be used for tzitzis?
  • May one wear one's tzitzis strings out in the presence of a woman's grave?
  • Should tzitzis be worn while playing ball?
  • May one transfer one's mezuzos when moving to a new home?
  • May one use or copy someone else's sefer without permission?
  • May the leftover wax and wicks from the Shabbos candles be discarded? What about magazines that may contain divrei Torah?
  • From what age is a child obligated to recite berachos?

  • When and how should one reprimand a person who is committing sins?
  • Should one recite another berachah on tzitzis after swimming?
  • When may one learn Kabbalah?
  • What degree of kashrus is required for a child's tzitzis?

  • If one performs a mitzvah without having in mind that it is for the sake of Heaven, must the mitzvah be repeated?
These questions and many more are discussed in this fascinating sefer.