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Millman, M.C.

Locked in Time


In an old Jewish community in rural Pennsylvania, something terrible has happened.

Every year, the local Rav sells the community's chametz to Mr. Olsen, their beloved "Pesach goy"? Mr. Olsen has been doing this for decades, just like his father and grandfather before him. This year is no different, until ...

When Pesach comes to an end and it's time to buy back the chametz, Mr. Olsen is nowhere to be found.

The strange disappearance throws the Jewish community into turmoil. What has happened to poor Mr. Olsen? And what will they do about their chametz?

As the Rav and Rebbetzin try to solve the disappearance, they discover hints to a mystery that dates back well over a century, a bizarre riddle that for almost 150 years has been locked in time ...

Author: M.C. Millman
Hardcover | 6" x 9" | 256 pages | 1-880582-85-6