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Rhine, Rabbi Mordechai

Magic of Shabbos


An Introductory Guide to Shabbos

"The Magic of ShabbosåÊis an essential handbook explaining the holiness of Shabbos. It integrates philosophical ideas, traditional values and a precise explanation of the Shabbos laws."
-- Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Chief Rabbi of Israel

"Immense help to any Jew seeking to enjoy the serenity and holiness of Shabbos."
-- Rabbi Berel Wein, author and lecturer

"Rabbi Rhine weaves his own brand of magic..."
-- Shaindy Wedler, Jewish Holiday Consumer

The Magic of ShabbosåÊis an inspirational step-by-step guide to the Shabbos experience. This book, however, is not just for beginners; it's for anyone who wants to enrich their Shabbos. Each chapter is packed with explanations, anecdotes, how-to guides, stories, traditions and facts. Highlights include a section on Jewish law and even Shabbos recipes!

Rabbi Rhine has put together a marvelous introduction to Shabbos in an extremely easy to understand readable format.

Author: Rabbi Mordechai Rhine
Softcover | 5.5" x 7" | 224 pages |åÊISBNåÊ9781880582268