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Gurkow, Rabbi Lazer

Mission Possible (Gurkow) (pb)

In every home there is a hectic point, when children act up just as the toddler overturns his drink, and the coffee maker goes on the blink. When this happens we sigh and think, "did we really sign up for this? Are we crazy?" This isn't our weakest hour. It's our finest moment. When life pushes us to our limit, we probe its deepest meaning: What's the point? Why are we here?What do we live for? Why do we want to raise children? These are not questions to be ignored or taken lightly. They are profound questions that lead us to a higher calling, and they are the subject of this book.
Drawing on thetimeless wisdom of Torah, flavored by Jewish mysticism and Chassidic thought, Mission Possible: Living with Higher Purpose makes you comfortable with these questions. Through insight and deep spiritual wisdom rooted in down to earth reality, Mission Possible offers answers that put life in perspective - empowering you to find your purpose and live it.

About the author:
Lazer Gurkow is a rabbi and spiritual guide that people relate to. A sought after lecturer, his talks on spiritual living combinehands-on mentorship with powerful self help techniques. He is the author ofReaching for G-d: The Jewish Book of Self Help, and Portraits of Leadership, a Rohr JLI curriculum taught to 50,000 students on sixcontinents. A prolific writer, he has published more than 700 essays in print and online publications. He is a columnist for The Jerusalem Post,Chabad.org and Israel National News.