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Nestlebaum, Chana

Mookster's Mitzvah Mishaps

For children ages 3 and up

Life for Ari, Bahtya and their parents is never the same after their baby brother the "Mookster" arrives on the scene. Follow the Mookster's adventures as he learns about doing mitzvos -- and then does them in his own unique style. You'll laugh out loud as the Mookster gets into one hilarious mishap after another to the dismay of his family but to the delight of every reader.

Beautifully illustrated in vivid color, this book captures the charm of the innocent -- but deliciously mischievous -- Mookster, who will crawl right into your heart to stay.

Author: Chana Nestlebaum
Illustrator: George Berman
Hardcover | 8.5" x 11" | 32 pages | 0-910818-26-6