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Golan, Rachel

More! 3-Minute Middos Stories for Children


Here's a great new collection of middosåÊstories to delight your kids (only 3 minutes each)!

At bedtime, kids always want to hear a goodåÊstory, while parents want a story with a goodåÊlesson -- without it taking forever to read.åÊMore! 3-Minute Middos Stories for Children offersåÊjust that -- more great stories that are ‰ÛÏjust right‰۝ for both you and your children.åÊWith the perfect mix of enjoyable story-lines,åÊbright, adorable illustrations, ideal story length and carefully crafted middos lessons,åÊthese stories deliver a wonderful learningåÊexperience for the entire family!

Inside, you'll find stories that will teach your children about:

  • Seeing the good in others

  • Giving in

  • Thinking before speaking

  • Respecting others' feelings

  • Staying away from danger

  • Understanding consequences

  • Sharing your feelings

  • And more!

Author: Rachel Golan
Illustrator: Devorah Benedict
Hardcover | 9.5" x 13" | 80 pages | ISBN 9781607631156